Credit: Robert Fico, via Facebook

Slovak PM Fico Is Out of Danger of Death, But Faces Long Recovery

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who has been hospitalised since being shot by an assassin on Wednesday, is out of danger of death, but his condition remains serious and his recovery will take a long time, an official of the Banska Bystrica hospital told journalists yesterday.

“He remains in the anesthesiology and resuscitation ward,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Fico’s close associate Robert Kalinak at a press conference. “The positive prognosis we have been talking about for the last three days is ahead. We are not going to transport him from the hospital, we are not at the winning stage at the moment.” 

According to earlier reports from Slovak media, it was under consideration to transfer Fico from Banska Bystrica to the capital city Bratislava where he lives.

On Friday, doctors removed dead tissue from the prime minister’s gunshot wounds.

The attacker who shot Fico from close range after a government meeting in Handlova was placed in custody by the court on Saturday. According to Slovak media, the shooter, 71-year-old writer and activist Juraj Cintula, faces up to life imprisonment for attempted murder.

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