Have Your Say In Brno’s Great Expat Survey 2023

Five years after the first edition, the 2nd Great Expat Survey is asking for feedback on every aspect of the life of foreigners in Brno. Credit: Brno Expat Centre.

Brno, Nov 10 (BD) – Brno Expat Centre wants to hear about your user experience of life in the Moravian capital. Five years after the first edition, the 2nd Great Expat Survey is asking for feedback on every aspect of life in Brno, including public services, jobs and careers, and family life, in order to improve the services provided, highlight new areas for improvement, and push the city in the right direction. 

“Give us your feedback on your experiences here so we can do more to help foreign professionals, their families and spouses, and other foreigners make the South Moravian Region and Brno their new home,” reads the survey website. “We are also interested in the experiences of foreigners who lived in South Moravia and Brno in the past.”

The anonymous survey is long, but the whole undertaking is massive, too. Brno Expat Centre has a team of researchers and is coordinating the exercise with the City of Brno. This survey is the biggest research study into the workings of an international community in the Czech Republic.

Your answers will be processed and analysed by the census company SocioFactor s.r.o. In the first edition in 2018, more than 1,000 expats took part, and the results formed the basis for implementing a number of new policies. 

Who can take part in the survey?

Any foreigners currently working, studying or living in Brno or South Moravia can fill in this survey, as well as any foreigners who worked, studied or lived here in the past.

Partners and spouses who came to Brno following their partner are especially encouraged to submit their answers, to help the city design better support services for families.

The deadline for responses is 19 November 2023, so make yourself a coffee, sit down to the questionnaire and invest 30 minutes in the city’s future… and your own! 
You can find the survey here. After submitting the questionnaire, you will have access to the results of the Great Brno Expat Survey 2018.

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