Prague Councillors Approve Memorandum On Domestic and Gender-Based Violence

The goal of the memorandum is increased education and, above all, targeted and specialised assistance to victims. Photo credit: Freepik. 

Prague, 20 June (BD) – On Monday, Prague City Councillors approved a commitment to adopting quality standards for specialised social services for victims of domestic and gender-based violence. 

The commitment was announced in a joint memorandum with the ProFem centre for victims of domestic and sexual violence, the Rosa centre for women, ACORUS, z.ú., and IKEA Czech Republic.

The parties to the memorandum acknowledged the extent and seriousness of domestic and gender-based violence. The goal of the memorandum is increased education and, above all, quality, targeted and specialised assistance to victims who require interventions and approaches outside the other target groups of social services.

The idea is to raise awareness of domestic and gender-based violence and try to reduce its acceptability in society. For these purposes, a strategic document addressing this issue will be drawn up. 

Within social services, a specialised service will be created for victims of this type of violence, responding to their needs and trying to prevent problems in this area. A working group will also be established to prepare an internal regulation for employees of Prague City Hall who are victims of this kind of violence.

“Every third woman has experienced some form of domestic violence,” said the deputy mayor for social affairs, Alexandra Udženija. “This kind of violence is often hidden behind the closed doors of apartments and houses… it is mostly not heard or seen, and yet it is widespread in our society. None of us must turn a blind eye to it! I am therefore very happy for any activity that opens up this topic and helps victims of violence. Through prevention, interdisciplinary cooperation and educational communication of this topic, we will hopefully soon reach zero tolerance for such acts.”

Written by Tomas Houdek.

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