Žerotínovo Náměstí To Be Brought To Life Thanks To New Artwork 

The project will be implemented on Žerotínovo Náměstí at the end of May. Photo credit: FF / Brno Daily.

Brno, April 25 (BD) – The City of Brno has joined a project to revive the area in front of the White House on Žerotínovo Náměstí with a large-scale painting, part of the Asphalt Art initiative. The implementation of the project is sponsored by the Center for Central European Architecture (CCEA) in cooperation with TIC Brno.

The winning design is the concept by Patrik Antzak and Jakub Jahn, entitled “Vidím plno dobrých lidí” (“I see a lot of good people”). With the participation of students from the Brno University of Technology (BUT), a work will be created themed around colourful geometric ornaments and human figures. 

Financing for the project is provided by a grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies of CZK 500,000, which covered the organisation of the competition and will cover the realisation of the artwork itself. The Brno-střed Municipal District is also participating in the project, with improvements to the garden in front of the White House. The project will be implemented at the end of May. 

“The jury appreciated the free composition of the painting, which shows an open system of elements, and which can be elaborated and expanded further into the space,” said Yvette Vašourková from CCEA, explaining the selection of the winning design.

At the beginning of April, the jury judged the submissions for the artwork projects in the forecourt of the White House. “We were presented with various forms of artistic paintings in public space,” said juror and Brno city councillor Filip Chvátal. “The chosen place is directly intended for the realisation of the chosen work. The painting will not disturb the traffic markings on the road. I am excited about the project, the place will come alive with colour and at the same time there will be greater safety for pedestrians.”

To give the project an ecological aspect, an innovative coating from the FN-NANO company will be used, which uses environmental nanotechnology to purify the surrounding air with the help of photocatalysis. According to the manufacturer, 100 m2 of this coating will remove tens of kilograms of greenhouse gases and dust, poisonous and carcinogenic particles from the air per year. This is intended to mitigate the negative effects of busy roads.

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