MENDELU Forest School Marks Centenary With Exhibition Celebrating The Colours of Forests

To celebrate the foundation of Mendel University’s Křtiny Masaryk School Forest Enterprise, an exhibition is on display at Moravske Namesti showcasing the trees of the school and other information. Photo credit: MENDELU.

Brno, Mar 22 (BD) – Mendel University’s Křtiny Masaryk School Forest Enterprise (ŠLP Křtiny) is celebrating 100 years since its foundation and the continuous care for the university’s forests. One of the highlights of this year’s commemoration is an open-air exhibition in Moravské náměstí, next to the statue of Margrave Jošt, entitled “Colourful Life in the Colourful Forest”. The exhibition, composed mainly of large-format photographs, opened on 21 March to coincide with International Forest Day.

“For the exhibition, we approached personalities across professions: from sports, astronomy, art, through culture, furniture making to ecology, who have one thing in common, some form of relationship with the forests that the School Forest Enterprise cares for,” explained Monika Pevná, describing the concept of the exhibition. “These are the beginnings of sports, music that was created on the basis of inspiration from these forests, there are corners that inspire artists in dance or painting.” 

Visitors can learn more about the history of ŠLP Křtiny through the text panels: what is their mission, how do foresters farm, what challenges do they face with climate change and which are the most attractive sights located on their territory?

“I have to admit, at first I was a little worried that just photos wouldn’t be enough, that we should tell the public more about us, let’s say in a classic way. From forestry, I am used to expressing myself rather precisely,” said Tomáš Vrška, director of ŠLP Křtiny. “But already the first photos, with an additional strong idea of ​​the given personality, convinced me of the absurdity of my fears. In addition, several panels are all text-based and provide information both about the School Forest Enterprise and also about the university’s forests.”

“However, the university forests are also a playground for schoolchildren and scouts living in the villages located on the territory of the School Forest Enterprise. For them, games, but also getting to know each other in the forest, is the greatest adventure, so they too became part of our exhibition,” added Petra Packová, forest teacher at ŠLP Křtiny.

The “Colourful Life in a Colourful Forest” exhibition will be on view until 30 May. It will then move to the Moravian Karst Nature House (Skalní mlýn near Blansko), where it will remain until 11 August. For the rest of the summer holidays and September the panels will be transferred to the MENDELU campus in Černa Pole.

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