Mendel University Launches Vocational Education Center Focused On Water Management

The centre will support innovative approaches in education related to water management. Photo credit: MENDELU.

Brno, Mar 22 (BD) – Mendel University is establishing the Water in the Landscape Vocational Education Center, focused on innovative education approaches in the field of water management. The project is part of the multinational PoVE Water Scale-up project, which aims to educate experts and the public in water management.

The centre will teach water management strategies to children, students, experts and the general public, bringing together people and organisations interested in the field. The purpose of the Water in the Landscape centre is to go beyond the framework of official educational structures to involve the professional public and state administration bodies.

“The main activity is the creation of an educational and communication platform in the field of water management,” explained Martin Klimánek, the chairman of the centre and the university’s vice-rector for strategy, sustainability and targeted activities. “The centre will participate in the creation of educational materials and the organisation of events related to water management. It will also participate in research activities in the field and the creation of strategies in the areas of water management in the landscape.” 

This week, 20-25 March, the centre is organising the first “Water Days” week, with events taking place at MENDELU and elsewhere in Brno focused on the topic of water in forests, agricultural and urban landscapes, including a professional conference at the Křtiny arboretum, and culminating with a family Water Day at the Lipka Jezírko workplace in Soběšice. The full program of events is available here

“This is an international event, for the first time, primarily focused on secondary vocational schools and gymnasiums, coordinated by the university,” said Michaela Menšíková, manager of the PoVE Water Scale-up project. “The program will also include a panel discussion with experts from various fields focused on the water cycle in the city, a water balance measurement workshop, and a water quality measurement workshop.” 

The PoVE Water Scale-up project aims to train current and future professionals within the water sector with the knowledge and skills necessary for the rapidly changing water industry in the European Union. The project is seeking to create five vocational training centres to function as “regional skills ecosystems”, one of which is the Water in the Landscape Education Centre at Mendel University.

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