TIC Brno Will Mark 20th International Tourist Guide Day With a Series of Guided Tours of the City

On the weekend of 18-19 February, there will be 23 tours with 17 different themes. Photo credit: KB / Brno Daily.

Brno, 8 Feb (BD) – International Tourist Guide Day has been held on 21 February since 1990, organised by the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. In Brno, it will be celebrated the preceding weekend, on 18-19 February. TIC Brno is organising the popular event for the 20th year, in cooperation with the Czech Association of Guides.

On Saturday and Sunday, 18-19 February, there will be a total of 23 tours with 17 different themes, directed by 16 guides. These tours include one in English, one in German, and two in Ukrainian. Tours will begin at 10am and 2pm on both days. Many of the tours offered this year are not included in TIC Brno’s regular schedule.

“Last year, our guides guided 555 visitors; this year, we have prepared 17 different tours,” said Jana Janulíková, director of TIC Brno.

The guided tour in English will enable visitors to learn about various historical monuments and interesting places in Brno, as an experienced guide provides an overview of Brno’s history. This tour will start at 2pm on 19 February, meeting at the Old Town Hall.

The other tours on the program will investigate the “Stories of Brno Prisons” or “Theatre Traditions in Brno”, explain the city’s street names and house signs, and discover what Brno looked like 100 years ago. There are tours of the Old and New Town Halls, as well as others which will get outside the centre—to Královo Pole, Komín, and Masarykova čtvrť, and beyond Koliště to the former district of Josefov. There will also be tours of the “Curiosities and Quirks of Brno”, and “Brno Legends and Curiosities” for families with children.

The participation fee for each tour is 30 crowns. Tickets are available from the TIC Brno information centres at Panenská 1 and Radnická 8, and also online at the TIC Brno website.

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