Brno City Architect’s Office To Hold Exhibition of Last Six Years’ Work

The exhibition will run until 19 March next year. Photo credit: dum-umeni.cz.

Brno, Dec 8 (BD) – The Brno City Architect’s Office (KAM) will present the results of its activities during the six years since its relaunch in 2016, in the Procházka Hall at the Brno House of Arts. The opening ceremony will take place at 6pm on Thursday, 15 December, with musical accompaniment, wine, refreshments, and an opening speech by KAM Director Michal Sedláček. The exhibition will run until 19 March next year.

The new main station at the Svratka River and the adjacent Trnitá district will be the highlights of the exhibition, among the many other architectural, landscape and urban planning competitions for strategic projects organised by KAM.

The construction site of a project. Photo credit: dum-umeni.cz.

Visitors to the exhibition will see undulating large-scale sheets of paper reflecting the fact that the city is not a static machine, but a living organism that is constantly evolving. The development of Brno is planned on a city-wide scale and at a street traffic level, for the proposed and realised transformation of public spaces, new streets, or squares, as well as for the protection against droughts or high water levels. Life in the city is translated into charts and maps used to plot the future shape of the city, from long-term projects to small improvements in everyday life.

The accompanying program will include guided tours with the city architect, who will introduce the individual components of the exhibition in more detail. For more detailed information, see www.dum-umeni.cz and www.kambrno.cz.

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