South Moravia Launches “Our Compatriots” Campaign

Under the new campaign, the word “compatriot” takes on the meaning of a foreigner living in South Moravia. Photo credit: KK/BD.

Brno, Nov 28 (BD) – In the spirit of the motto “You are not born a compatriot, you become one,” the stories of several foreigners living and working in the South Moravian Region will be presented to the public. The campaign “Our Compatriots” was officially launched by the regional councillor for Science, Research, Innovation, and IT, Jiří Hlavenka, in Brno’s VIDA! science centre on Thursday 24 November.

“All the stories actually form one big one, which is full of fateful moments, love, desire for education, friendship, courage, and skill. It doesn’t matter how well we speak Czech or how far our roots go. What makes us compatriots is the community in which we live and for which we try to do our best,” said Alena Krejčí, director of the South Moravian Centre for Foreigners.

The campaign is implemented within the framework of the Together in Our Region project and promotes the uniqueness of South Moravia. The South Moravian Region is the second most competitive region in the Czech Republic, and has long supported economic fields with high added value and the development of the scientific and research sphere.

All the stories of those who, for various reasons, have chosen to work and settle in South Moravia are published on the campaign website.

The campaign costs of CZK 3,811,500 are covered 75% by the National Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund, 15% by the Ministry of the Interior, and 10% by the South Moravian Region.

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