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Ukrainian Human Rights Activists Invited To Provide Testimony To The Chamber of Deputies

Nesehnutí is organising a delegation of Ukrainian activists to the Czech Parliament to document war crimes. Photo credit: JMK.

Prague, Oct. 11 (BD) – Three Ukrainian human rights activists, Mariia Sulialina, Daryna Pidhorna, and Yuliya Sporysh, will visit Prague from 18 to 21 October, on the invitation of the Nesehnutí NGO, to inform lawmakers about the war crimes being committed in their home country. 

On Thursday, 20 October, from 9am to 10:30am, they will address a public hearing in the Chamber of Deputies. The hearing, entitled “Testimony from the scene: war crimes and violations of human rights in occupied Ukraine”, will also include a press briefing. In addition, the trio of women will meet with politicians and representatives of various institutions, and take part in interviews with journalists, according to Marek Hadrbolec, media coordinator at Nesehnutí.

The civil society activists were invited to the Czech Republic by Nesehnutí, and represent three organizations dedicated to documenting war crimes and human rights violations during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, or assisting survivors of sexual violence by Russian soldiers. The groups also try to prevent genocide and monitor the situation in occupied territories.

Nesehnutí has been supporting civil society in Ukraine since 2014. Since the first days of the invasion, the organisation has been supporting Ukrainian activists, independent media and civic initiatives that are assisting evacuees or providing humanitarian aid on the ground. 

“We have been supplying our partner organisations in Ukraine with various material supplies and have also organised several evacuations, especially of women and children from the endangered Crimean Tatar ethnic group to the Czech Republic,” said Martin Hyťha of Nesehnutí. “We are also supporting three Ukrainian organisations that help survivors of sexual violence perpetrated by Russian troops.” One of these initiatives is Divchata, whose director, Yuliya Sporysh, is part of the delegation to Prague.

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