Faktor K Festival Opens The Doors of 250-Year-Old Former Prison On Cejl

Four days dedicated to art in all its shapes and forms, where the darkness of the past is overcome by the sparkle of the future. Photo Credit: MMB

Brno, Sept. 28 (BD) – The Faktor K event, taking place from 5 to 8 October, will open the doors of Káznice, the former prison on Cejl, which marks its 250th anniversary this year. On Thursday, 6 October, the Káznice 250 event will mark this commemoration. 

The four-day Faktor K festival will present Káznice to those interested in the history of the building, as well as lovers of culture and people interested in its future fate. In recent years, the complex between Cejl and Bratislavská has been used for cultural projects, and the vision for the future of the building anticipates further development in this direction. The festival programme is inspired by the history of the complex and works with the genius loci. The Káznice 250 event itself will focus on the past and future of the building. 

In addition to the visit to the prison, in cooperation with the architects and the Moravian Museum, the event will also introduce plans for the Brno Creative Centre to be established in the complex, a space dedicated to artists and creatives from across the South Moravian region. In addition to workshops, rehearsal rooms and studios, one part of the building – the Place of Remembrance (Místo paměti) – will be a permanent reminder of Káznice’s turbulent past. The project also includes a library, a multifunctional hall for the public and a cafeteria.

Thursday, 6 October will see a screening of the film “Your Jan” about Jan Zahradníček, a poetry reading and an educational exploration game for children. The Jiří Mahen Library will present the Pohoda v Káznici programme. To participate in the Káznice 250 event, advance registration is required here, and capacity for some activities is limited.

The cultural programme of the Faktor K festival includes plays, concerts and performances, and during the event there will be an exhibition of works of art created in Káznice over the past three years. The opening of the exhibition will take place on Wednesday 5 October, when there will also be a series of theatre and dance performances, such as “Black Dress” by the Beautiful Confusion Collective and “Field” by Brno’s Orbit.

The Friday programme will include a concert by Gypsy Jazz from Káznice, preceded by the performance Animal, in which several dozen artists from various Brno ensembles will show their metaphorical conception of an animal or a game. On Saturday, for the last evening, the area will be transformed into an exotic oasis, and the bands Ateliér and Break Falls will take the stage in the evening. The complete festival programme can be found on the kaznice.art website.

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