Nearly 300 Online Influencers Came To Brno For Traverse 2022

The 9th Traverse conference was held in Brno this weekend. The conference program included several trips to local tourist destinations such as the Moravian Karst. Photo credit: CCRJM.

Brno, Sep. 20 (BD) – The Traverse conference is an educational platform for digital content creators and is held each year in a different tourist destination. Brno was announced as the host city of this year’s conference at the World Travel Market in London last November, and is the first Central European city to host the event. This year’s participants included British journalist and BBC contributor Gavin Ramjuan, well-known Youtuber Jan Klaeui and British cultural writer Tharik Hussain.

“From our first visit to Brno and southern Moravia, we knew it would be the perfect place to host our biggest event. The people are friendly, there’s amazing architecture, culture, and history; and, of course, amazing food and drink.” said Michael Ball, CEO of Traverse.

Even before the conference, nearly 300 attendees participated in a number of experiences and activities, including a tour of Spilberk Castle, a night-time photo shoot on Kraví hora, cooking with the winner of a European-level chef competition, and a trip to Veveří Castle.

“I am delighted that we have succeeded in bringing Traverse to the Czech Republic, which is one of the achievements of CzechTourism that we have been working on since 2018,” said Jan Herget, director of the Czech Tourism centre. “The conference for global bloggers and influencers is a great opportunity to showcase our beautiful country and attract more foreign visitors to the Czech Republic through digital content. Based on the previous conferences, we can expect to reach 53 million users on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as up to 150 million influencers. If this is achieved, our visibility around the world will be greatly increased.”

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