Public Access Point Opens To River Svratka At Komín, Thanks To Participatory Budget

A new staircase opens the river bank area for public access. Photo credit: MMB

Brno, Aug. 25 (BD) – A new way to make the River Svratka accessible and enjoyable to the public has been realised via the City of Brno’s participatory budget scheme, Dáme na vás (We Give To You). The project will make the river area more pleasant and usable, create a new access point where citizens can relax and swim, and create better opportunities for recreation and space during local events.

“The aim of the project was to provide easy and safe access to the river surface by building a solid bank edge and access steps. People can get to the water, for example, during events such as Martin’s Wanderings or Světélka, traditionally organised by the Komín Ornamental Association,” said the project proposer Tomáš Němec. His idea received 1,968 votes in the second year of the participatory budget scheme, placing fifth.

The new staircase connecting the river to the paved part of the road in Komín has been open for use by the public. Photo credit: MMB

“This project proves that the participatory budgeting scheme also serves to support community activities that strengthen ties between families, friends, neighbours and acquaintances,” said 2nd Deputy Mayor Tomáš Koláčný (Pirates). “The new entrance also means another place where one can comfortably enter the water and swim. Brno’s riverbanks have enormous recreational and social potential, so it is good that citizens can initiate these changes as part of Brno’s participatory budget.”

The construction of the staircase took place from March to April, followed by the planting of grass and the reinforcement of the slope next to the staircase with coconut mats. The construction was approved in July. The total cost of the project was CZK 803,000. 

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