Brno Police Help Elderly Man Trapped In A Car After An Accident

Brno Police intervened immediately when a woman came to the station in Slatina and reported that a car had crashed into a tree at the intersection of Krejčí and Šlapanická. Photo credit:

Brno, 25 March (BD) – The front of the Mazda was completely destroyed, with the 65-year-old driver trapped inside, bleeding from his face. The city police patrol managed to get through the locked door, loosen the shaken man’s seat belt. and help him out of the car. The officers escorted him to a safe place and called an ambulance. A breathalyser test showed that the motorist was sober.

The man was confused, and was unable to describe anything about the course of the accident or its cause. He was then taken to hospital by paramedics, and firefighters took care of the remaining issues, such as the fluids leaking from the car. Paramedics took the man to the hospital for treatment and the accident is being investigated. 

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