Mendel University To End Partnership Agreements With Russian and Belarusian Universities

Brno’s Mendel University has decided, on the recommendation of acting rector Robert Plaga, to cancel any form of contract with Russian and Belarusian universities. Photo credit: Mendel University

Brno, March 2 (BD) – The management of Brno’s Mendel University has decided to terminate contracts with Russian and Belarusian universities with immediate effect, on the recommendation of acting rector Robert Plaga.

Mendel is discontinuing cooperation at the institutional level. The school will not accept new students from Russian and Belarusian institutions, nor will it send its staff or students to Russia and Belarus. These steps were endorsed on Monday 28 February by the university’s academic senate. “In a situation of aggressive violation of peace in Europe and disrespect for international treaties, international obligations, human lives and the right to self-determination of free and democratic states by the Russian Federation and Belarus, it is necessary to make it clear and firmly remind that such behaviour does not belong in the civilised world and in the 21st century,” said Plaga, formerly the Czech Education Minister.

The purpose of terminating the contracts is not to affect students or academics, but to cancel any official ties with Russian and Belarusian institutions. Students from Russia and Belarus who are currently enrolled at the university can complete their studies.

At the same time, the university is actively providing help to Ukraine. “Over the weekend, we accommodated mothers with children in our dormitories, who had escaped the war in Ukraine. More families are already reporting to us, either through students or teachers. At the moment we have about 100 free places for refugees in our dormitories in Brno and Lednice,” said Plaga. Dozens of Mendel University students are also helping to coordinate the “Brno for Ukraine” initiative to provide assistance to the country.

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