First Heavy-Duty Electric Truck In Czech Republic To Improve Waste Management

On Tuesday, 1 March, a heavy-duty electric truck was presented at Moravské náměstí, which will be used for waste management in the Czech Republic. Photo credit: Sefora S. / Brno Daily

Brno, March 1 (BD) – This afternoon, the First Deputy Mayor of Brno, Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL), and the Chairman of the Board of SAKO Brno, Filip Leder, presented the first electric power truck available for waste collection and waste management companies in the Czech Republic. 

According to Leder, this is the first alternative fuel vehicle of this category available for use by a collection or waste management company in the Czech Republic. Due to the recent events in Ukraine, the vehicle will currently be used as a way for citizens of Brno to provide support to Ukrainians. The electric truck, on loan from Volvo, will be driving around the city in SAKO Brno colours and with the Ukrainian flag until mid-March, helping with the distribution of material aid for the Ukrainian people, among other things.

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“Originally we wanted to use it to deliver and service waste bins owned by the city,” said Hladík. “However, this has to give way to aid for Ukraine. The emission-free truck will be used as a priority in our charity programme.” This truck was introduced by First Deputy Mayor of Brno, Pete Hladík (on the right) and the chairman of the Board of SAKO Brno, Filip Leder (on the left). Photo credit: Sefora S. / Brno Daily

The current trial of the electric truck fits into a wider program of energy and environmental projects of the SAKO Brno municipal company, recently launched under the title “Green future #2030”. “The current international political crisis clearly shows how extremely dangerous it is to remain dependent on gas or oil imports. For Brno, our priority to ensure energy self-sufficiency and to produce heat and energy without the use of fossil fuels is all the more urgent,” said Hladík.

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