Preacher Moved On By Police After Spreading His Faith At Excessive Volume

Employees at one of the courthouses in the city centre had difficulty concentrating on their work last Friday afternoon, due to a street preacher who had taken a place in the street, with a microphone and loudspeaker to help him. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, Feb 28 (BD) – One such worker called the police using line 156, complaining that he couldn’t concentrate on his work due to the noise, and that the preacher had paid repeated visits to the same spot. 

The police did not conclude that the man had violated the law or any of the city ordinances. However, they politely explained the situation to him, and asked him if he could move somewhere else nearby, where his spiritual message would not be carried directly into the windows of offices. After finishing the passage he had already begun, the 40-year-old preacher chose a place further from buildings.

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