Billboards To Disappear From Brno’s Mendlovo Náměstí

The billboards located in the courtyards of houses on Mendlovo náměstí will also be removed. These are three areas that are mainly visible from Křížová. Photo credit: MMB

Brno, Feb 22 (BD) – The City of Brno has been taking measures to fight visual smog. Last year, the Department of Transport terminated dozens of contracts for the lease of city property for advertising purposes. 

“We have been trying to cultivate public space in Brno for a long time,” said Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL), First Deputy Mayor of Brno. “We are trying to reduce visual and light smog so that it is more pleasant to spend time in public spaces, and citizens are not attacked by aggressive advertising. In some places, billboards are redundant, such as the case of the houses at 14 and 15 Mendlovo náměstí, which, thanks to the complete reconstruction of the courtyards, can now be used by the residents of the apartments to spend their free time. At a meeting of Brno City Council, we decided to remove all three advertising areas that were located in the courtyards of these houses.” 

The contract with the company Europlakat, which leases the advertising on the land in question, will be cancelled when the billboards are removed. 

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