Man plugging in charger into an electric car at charge station

Brno Offers Almost 50 Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Brno’s “data.Brno” project has released statistics on the number of electric vehicle charging stations in Brno and its close vicinity. Photo credit: Freepik.

Brno, Jan 25 (BD) – In Brno and its close vicinity, drivers can charge their vehicles at 47 charging stations, according to data published today by data.Brno, the digital project collecting and publishing open data sets about the city.

Most of those are on main roads, however at least three charging stations are located in the city centre. The data is updated once a month.

Several charging stations are located directly at the centre of Brno. Source:

The data can be viewed online here. It is presented clearly on a map, and also features attributes such as connector type, price, and availability. “The data comes from the server, with whom we have agreed to cooperate,” wrote data.Brno on social media, adding: “If you know of other electric chargers in Brno, let us know, or you can insert them yourself using the link.”

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