Renovation Work Begins On River Svratka Waterfront

Monday, the transformation began of more than three kilometers on both banks of the Svratka River, in the section from Riviera to the viaduct on Uhelná. Visualisations: Svratka association.

Brno, Jan 12 (BD) – The revitalisation of the Svratka waterfront began on the 10th of January, with the ceremonial tapping of the foundation stone. The new waterfront, designed by the late architect Ivan Ruller, will provide a relaxing area for Brno citizens, including a cycle path, ponds and wetlands, and will bear the name of its architect. The main goal of the proposed modifications is to protect the city and its inhabitants from flooding. By lowering the high banks and widening the riverbed, an increase in river capacity will be created, protecting the city centre in case of high waters. In addition, water mains and sewers will be relocated and a new sewer will replace the 100-year-old arterial sewer. The city also plans to plant 600 new trees in the area.

“The waterfront will get closer to the water level, and a beautiful recreational and leisure zone will be created,” said the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková (ODS). “The environment will be accessible, so suitable for wheelchairs, seniors or mothers with children. Together with the planting of more than 600 new trees, a living area for people to meet will be created near Svratka. An example is the area of ​​the former cottage settlement on Bauerova, where reservoirs, ponds and wetlands will be created, where a new footbridge will also be created.” Two new cycle underpasses will also be built, under the bridges at Vídeňská and Renneská.

The new Czech Environment Minister Anna Hubáčková (KDU-ČSL) welcomed the beginning of the “unique project”, adding that it was a good example of “blue-green architecture”.

The work will last until October 2023, taking place in stages to minimise disruption on Poříčí and the rest of the area. The total cost of the project is CZK 1.26 billion, with CZK 762 million of that to come from the European Commission’s National Recovery Plan. Preparations are already underway for further work on other sections of the river. In total, the city would like to renovate 23 kilometers of the Svratka riverbank.

Visualizations prepared by the Svratka association (A PLUS, ŠINDLAR, Václav Čermák, Miroslav Korbička, Miloš Trenz)

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