Teplárny Brno Launches App For TB E-Mobility Services

A new Teplárny Brno app for electric vehicle owners aims to deliver better energy prices and easier search for the nearest charging station. The free app is available on Google Play and the App Store. Both fast and regular charging stations are included. Photo credit: Teplárny Brno

Brno, Jan 11 (BD) – “Two years ago, we commissioned Teplárny Brno to build charging infrastructure in Brno,” said Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková (ODS). “Since the development of electromobility, we promised to reduce CO2 emissions, which Brno has committed itself to. So far, they are operating three fast charging stations and another 18 regular ones, which are already in operation or near completion. Another 20 to 30 stations are planned for next year.” 

“The mobile application is another step towards improving services for electric car owners,” said Petr Fajmon, CEO of Teplárny Brno. “It simplifies the operation of our stations and navigation to find them. In the future, we plan to further expand the service, for example by offering the possibility to reserve stations, in cooperation with BKOM.”

The application makes it easier for registered users to charge at TB stations. They can easily see the nearest free stations and check their performance. After selecting the station or reading the QR code, users can then start charging. Credit cards or cash are not necessary, as they will receive a bill at the end of the month. “A registered customer will also receive a discounted charging price and other convenient services, including convenient tracing of their charging history,” said Tom Kratochvíl, head of the electromobility department at Teplárny Brno.

The regular charging stations, located in Bystrc, Líšeň, Nový Lískovec and Žabovřesky, among others, are designed for the slow charging of cars at rest, i.e. during night parking. Two vehicles can connect to the 2 x 22 kW station at the same time, not only fully electric cars, but also plug-in hybrids. These stations can be useful for those who do not have the opportunity to charge an electric car at home and therefore have not yet considered purchasing one. In the coming years, Teplárny Brno will continue to expand its network of chargers for electric vehicles. By 2030, they should have installed 300 in Brno. Wider use of ecological means of transport could reduce Brno’s CO2 emissions by as much as 150,000 tons.

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