Czech Post Building at Hlavni Nadrazi Sold in Auction On Monday

Monday’s auction was the second attempt to sell the functionalist building. No one registered for the first online auction in October, as reported in Czech media. The building was auctioned for a starting price of CZK 117 million, no other bids were offered. Photo: KB / Brno Daily.

Brno, Nov 17 (BD) – The functionalist Czech Post building next to Brno’s Central Railway Station was sold at auction, at an opening price of CZK 117 million. 

Czech Post does not have permission to publish the name of the auction winner. According to a spokesman for Czech Post, České dráhy has a pre-emptive right to the building; the post office will contact them and offer it to them at this price.

Receiving more than 50,000 customers per month before the outbreak of the pandemic, the post office next to Brno’s train station is known for its iconic design from 1938, currently in poor condition. The building was designed by famous modernist architect Bohuslav Fuchs. An iconic paternoster elevator operates in the building. There was a recent accident reported in which a senior woman was found hanging there by her leg.

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