All Brno iD Account Holders Can Participate In a Special Christmas Contest

Holders of a fully verified Brno ID account will be able to participate in a Christmas contest organized by the City of Brno, with the chance to win prizes such as gift vouchers for sports services; vouchers for admission to the Brno Zoo and the Brno Observatory and Planetarium or a one year ticket for public transport. Visualization: MMB.

Brno, Nov 11 (BD) – “The City of Brno has prepared a Christmas event for all users with a verified full account on Brno iD. This also applies to all gift vouchers currently available in the Brno iD e-shop, which anyone interested can get from the City of Brno as a Christmas present,” explained Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti), Deputy Mayor of Brno.

This year the City of Brno has organized an attractive Christmas contest: all holders of a Brno ID account will have the opportunity to enter to win a prize of their choice: the winners will be able to choose between a gift certificate for sports services (from STAREZ- SPORT or the Kraví hora sports and leisure complex); a voucher for admission to the Brno Zoo or the Brno Observatory and Planetarium or a one year ticket for public transport.

The City of Brno is significantly expanding its electronic identity. For four years, citizens with a certified account have been able to access a range of administrative services through the portal, through which the city has simplified and streamlined many administrative procedures, meeting the needs of citizens.

Visualization: MMB.

For example, holders of a Brno ID account can purchase electronic public transport season tickets online or pay for municipal waste; they can vote on various topics of public interest, such as a vote for the name of the park in Brno-Komárov which is currently underway; rent a place in the cemeteries of the City of Brno; access library services; or adopt an animal at the zoo.

In addition, the e-shop services can also be used by visitors to the city thanks to the BRNOPAS tourist card app.

Anyone interested in can participate in the Christmas event until December 19, 2021.

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