Brno International Engineering Fair Focuses On Digitization and Sustainable Development

The MSV International Engineering Fair has started in Brno, with some of the most important international figures of industry presenting there. The fair runs from November 8th to 12th. Credit:

Brno, Nov 10 (BD) – The MSV International Engineering Fair is the most important industrial expo in Central Europe, and is a key event in the country’s market, thanks to its bridging of the gap between industries, trade and market.


The event’s importance in the industrial field is reflected in the presence of very important personalities from the industrial, business, and engineering sectors, but also in its media impact, with over 260 accredited journalists participating in the event.

About 80% of the attendees influence investment decisions, and one third of them are top executives. More than 50% of exhibitors and 10% of visitors come from abroad, and this aspect adds more importance and an international resonance to the expo. At the last expo, 1,600 exhibitors presented to more than 80,000 visitors. 

Credit: BVV. cz.

The hottest topics of this year’s industrial fair are “Industry 4.0” and “Digital Factory”, which focus on the issue of the digitization of production.

Even the Minister of Health commented on Twitter on the importance of digitalization, especially in the health sector, after the pandemic highlighted the need for a more digitized and interconnected world.

Other no less important issues were the economics of management, that is, the management of material resources, another fundamental issue for achieving more sustainable economic development.

The fair is being held in Brno from November 8th to 12th. More information on the event can be found on the official website of the event.

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