Zuzana Osako Will Create New Promotional Crafts For South Moravia

Zuzana Osako is the artist chosen by the South Moravian Tourist Board to create the new collection of promotional handicrafts from the region. The theme chosen by the artist lies between tradition and modernity. Credit: CCR JM.

Brno, Nov 5 (BD) – Zuzana Osako is an illustrator and stylist who was previously in charge of creating promotional material for the Olympics, and is currently creating designs and illustrations for South Moravian promotional merchandise for the 2022 tourist season. The theme of the illustrations recalls traditional Czech folk customs.

Credit: CCR JM.

“Zuzana Osako is for us an ideal combination of South Moravia, where she comes from, and worldliness. She has a close relationship with folk art and, like us, she understands the importance of curating and building on traditions,” commented Martina Grůzová from the South Moravian Tourist Board (CCR JM).

For her creations, Osako is collaborating with her friend Věra Colledani, an ethnologist and expert in the field of folk crafts.

Credit: CCR JM.

“The individual images represent various elements and scenes of traditions (such as the ride of the kings), customs related to the spring season and much more. The cards will be part of a blue and white collection linked by an old oak leaf motif, which was provided exclusively for this important project by the traditional Strážnice model workshop, operating since 1906,” said Osako.

Credit: CCR JM.

CCR JM was founded in 2005 to promote the development and tourism of South Moravia through the connection and coordination of the administrative apparatus and businesses. The members of the association are the South Moravian region, the City of Brno, and the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism.

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