Final Voting Opens For City of Brno’s 2021 Participatory Budgeting Scheme

Throughout November, Brno residents will be able to vote for their favourites from 67 projects suggested by other members of the public. Credit: KK / BD.

Brno, Nov. 5 (BD) – On the first day of November, final voting began for this year’s participatory budgeting scheme, Dáme na vás (“We give to you”). In the 2021 contest, Brno residents have a choice of 67 projects, with a total of CZK 35 million allocated to implement the most popular.

Voting will be open until the end of November to anyone with permanent residence in Brno. Proposed projects include workout and parkour facilities, single trails, new lookout towers, and a digital board showing public transport departures at the Dělnický dům stop. Each Brno resident has five positive and two negative votes, and it is possible to give up to two votes to support one project. Those who do not want to see a particular project in Brno can indicate this with a negative vote.

Electronic voting is possible via, or with a verified account at

An exhibition of all the projects will also be displayed on namesti Svobody until November 9th, then on Malinovského náměstí until the end of the month.

Detailed information and a complete gallery of the proposed projects, as well as stories from the implementation of winning projects from previous years can be found on the Dame na vas website.

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