South Moravian Region Supports The Fight Against Drought

This year the South Moravian region supported 149 projects to combat drought. Of these, more than a third were projects involving the creation of project documentation and concept documents. Credit: JMK.

Brno, Nov 4 (BD) – The South Moravian Region supports projects against drought and climate change; over 149 projects have been supported this year.

With the 3rd round of the call “Support for the fight against drought, water retention in the landscape and subsequent care of the green in the South Moravian region in 2021”, representatives of the South Moravian region have decided to support another 14 projects with subsidies of up to CZK 873,000.

“The preparation of concept documents for climate change mitigation measures is supported by smaller amounts, but it is perhaps more important than the projects themselves. If we are to be truly prepared for the changes affecting South Moravian villages and landscape, we need to look and think beyond next year’s horizon,” explained the South Moravian Deputy Governor Jan Zámečník.

“We simply want to encourage municipalities to engage in broader and more comprehensive thinking. Our intention is for municipalities to create documents that prepare possible measures to combat the consequences of climate change, for example ten years in advance,” added Zámečník.

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