Is Albert Open Tomorrow? Opening Times in Large Stores on National Holidays

The law restricting sales on certain holidays in large stores has been in force since 2016, yet some customers are still unsure about opening hours before national holidays. Food stores are publishing information about their opening hours on social media and flyers. Credit:

Czech Rep, Oct 27 (BD) – This Thursday, October 28th, marks the establishment of the first independent Czechoslovak state in 1918.

Large stores such as hypermarkets and supermarkets will be closed tomorrow. Popular “hobby markets” and some shopping centers will not be open on the holiday of October 28th, so it is better to buy everything you need in advance.

According to the law, shops with a floor area over 200 m² must be closed on the following holidays:

  • January 1 – Day of the Restoration of the Independent Czech State and New Year
  • Easter Monday
  • May 8 – Victory Day
  • September 28 – Czech Statehood Day
  • October 28 – Day of the establishment of an independent Czechoslovak state
  • December 24 – Christmas Day, open only until 12 noon
  • December 25 – Christmas Day
  • December 26 – St. Stephen’s Day/Boxing Day
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