“Cloud In”: AZ Tower Gets A New Fluffy Look To Mark Its 10th Birthday

The AZ Tower is the tallest building in the Czech Republic, and for its 10th birthday it will have a new look with slides and artificial clouds on the roof. “Cloud In” is the winning project from a student competition. Title image: The winning visualisation “Cloud In”. Authors: Lucie Střeďanská, Adam Vácha via Natland.

Brno, Oct 25 (BD) – Last year, AZ Tower co-owner Natland launched a student competition to modernize the tallest tower in the Czech Republic.

A student contest was launched in collaboration with the Institute of Architecture at the Brno University of Technology (BUT). The students of the faculty created their projects during the autumn term of the 2020/21 school year, including the renovation of the roof, entrance and foyer of the building.

“The competition of ideas was completely free: prepare variants of plans to modernize, improve and beautify the roof space above the 30th floor, the entrance in front of the building and the foyer, which could be used as a model for changes in the future,” said Igor Brukner from the Natland investment group.

 Winning Visualisation “Cloud In”. Authors: Lucie Střeďanská, Adam Vácha via Natland.

The jury evaluated 15 different projects. In addition to the winning project, various other projects were selected and given special mentions. Gustav Křivinka, the architect of the AZ Tower, was also present in the jury that selected the projects.

The winning project, “Cloud In”, imagines the construction of “slides” and artificial clouds, giving visitors the impression of walking among the clouds. 

“The students have the right feeling of space, they have chosen the right reference points. We have clearly chosen the best design as the winner. It is architecturally clean, but at the same time expensive and difficult to implement,” said Křivinka.

Visualisation “Glass Fairy Tale” by Anny Marie Bajerové, Charlotty Ivanové via Natland.

“We decided to award two other special awards because the approaches and ideas were so specific or current that we wanted to appreciate them,” added Václav Kočí, pedagogue of the Department of Architecture at BUT’s Faculty of Civil Engineering. The special mentions went to the “Glass Fairy Tale” design in second place and the “Terrace in the Clouds” design in third place.

Visualisation “Terrace in the Clouds” by Ondřej Petečuk, David Rejchl via Natland.
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