Gourmet Brno Promotes South Moravia’s Best Gastro Businesses and Innovators

The Gourmet Brno project, organized by TIC Brno, has compiled a list of the best gastronomic businesses in Brno and South Moravia. Credit: Michal Ruzicka 

Brno, Oct 23 (BD) – Gourmet Brno is a municipal project which aims to select the best gastronomic enterprises of Brno and South Moravia. Restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, and bistros take part in a double round selection process, and the best companies are then included in a free-sheet brochure.

 “Gourmet Brno is an absolutely unique non-commercial project in the Czech Republic. It is not about making a ranking, but about promoting all the great companies and concepts that we have in Brno and that further spread the fame of the city,” said Jana Janulíková, Director of TIC Brno.

The project is not a competition, there is no winner or prize. But it consists of a selection made by figures from Brno’s public and cultural life and professionals in their fields. They nominate their favorite businesses in eight categories: restaurants, bistros, cafes, patisseries, wine bars, pubs, bars and “fine dining”.

Companies which are nominated multiple times move on to the next stage, where an independent jury composed of experts, journalists and influencers from the Czech Republic selects the companies that will later be included in the guide.

Some of the winners from this years awards. Credit: Jiri Jelinek.

This year, 46 gastronomic establishments in Brno and 38 from across South Moravia were selected, which were announced at the official ceremony held on October 21st.

The guide is available in both printed and digital versions, and is available in Czech, English, German. The photographic project was handled by KIVA and the graphic aspect was handled by graphic designer Barbara Zemčík.

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