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Heat Prices in Brno To Increase By 25% From November

From November, Brno residents will pay CZK 250 more per month for heat, an increase of about 25%, as announced by the Brno heating company Teplarny Brno, on October 15th. Title photo: stock image.

Brno, Oct 16 (BD) – For the last ten years, Brno has been the only city in the country where the price of heating has not increased, thanks to the policy of strategic purchases of natural gas. However, Teplarny Brno is now responding to “the turbulent and unpredictable developments on the energy market.” 

“As a result of rising wholesale natural gas prices, Teplarny Brno is adjusting the heating prices. From November 1st, the final price of heat, including VAT from the exchanger station and gas boiler room, will be CZK 784 / GJ. The average household will pay about CZK 250 more per month than before. This is an increase of roughly 25%,” said Renata Diatková from Teplarny Brno.

“In recent weeks, the price of natural gas, which is our primary fuel, has risen by more than 100%. If we were to pass on this real increase to our customers, we would have to increase the price of heat by essentially half. But we do not and will not do that. However, we must take some measures,” said Petr Fajmon, CEO of Teplarny Brno.

Despite the forced adjustment of the price, Teplarny Brno’s long-term goal is to minimize the negative effects of changes in the energy market for its customers. The current crisis also validates the emerging trend of increasing heat production from renewable sources.

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