Fiala Requests Meeting With President Zeman Amid Great Uncertainty About His Health Condition

The opposition parties are working on a program for the new government. Petr Fiala, leader of the SPOLU coalition, has requested a meeting with Milos Zeman, but the president’s condition is still uncertain, prompting the President of the Senate to lodge an official request for information on his state of health. Credit: ODS.

Czech Rep., Oct 14 (BD) – Petr Fiala, leader of the SPOLU coalition, has made an official request for a meeting with Czech President Miloš Zeman. The president has agreed to meet Fiala on a yet to be determined date – as soon as his health improves.

Meanwhile, Senate President Miloš Vystrčil (ODS) has requested news on the state of Zeman’s health. His spokespeople will now have to respond to the request.

“We are concerned that the President’s current state of health does not allow him to exercise his office,” said Vystrčil.

Zeman has been hospitalized in intensive care at the central military hospital (ÚVN) in Prague since Sunday, but apart from a meeting with Babiš on Sunday evening, has left no provisions on the formation of the new government.

Senator Pavel Fischer has criticised the presidential communications office for its handling of information on the president’s health.

“The way we learn about the president’s health in belated, inaccurate and misleading terms is amazing,” he said. According to Fischer, the president’s office has failed and is not acting in the public interest.

“I wonder if we have a president, and if he can sign laws and distinguish classified matters from unclassified ones. The spokesman has not reported his health condition for a long time and denied that it was a problem, and now we suddenly hear that the president is ill,” Fischer added.

The opposition parties are working on a program for the new government.

Meanwhile, SPOLU and Pirates and Mayors have announced that they would like to sign a coalition agreement by November 8th, prompting Fiala, the leader of the SPOLU coalition, to officially request a meeting to overcome the impasse.

The Civic Democratic Party (ODS) – one of the parties of the SPOLU coalition – tweeted that party representatives have already met and are working on the next government’s program.

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