Czech Republic Mid-Ranking Among EU States For R&D Spending Per Capita

According to Eurostat, governments across the EU spent over €100 billion on research and development (R&D), equivalent to 0.8% of GDP. The highest spending per capita was recorded in Luxembourg, while Czech Republic ranked 15th of 27th, with just under €150 per person. Photo Credit: Freepik.

Czech Rep., Sep 23, (BD) – According to data from Eurostat, the total government budget allocations for R&D (GBARD) across the EU stood at over €100 billion in 2020, equivalent to 0.8% of GDP, or €225 per person, a 22% increase from 2010 (€184 per person). 

Government budget allocations  for R&D, 2020. Credit: Eurostat

The highest R&D spending per capita was recorded in Luxembourg (€648 per person), followed by Denmark (€519) and Germany (€443).

At the other end of the scale, the EU countries with the lowest R&D budget allocations per person were Romania (€15 per person), Bulgaria (€21), Hungary (€39), and Latvia (€42).

Czech Republic ranked 15th of the EU27, spending just under €150 per capita on R&D. 

The largest percentage increases in R&D spending since 2010 were seen in Latvia (from €14 in 2010 to €42 in 2020), Greece (from €62 to €148) and Estonia (from €77 to €141).

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