Brno Heating Company Begins Heating Supply In Anticipation of Lower Temperatures

From today, the Brno Heating Company has resumed the supply of heating to the city, in anticipation of a drop in temperatures.

Brno, Sep 20, (BD) – From today, the Brno Heating Company (“Teplárny Brno”) has resumed supply of heating. The date is around average for the start of the heating season, similar as in previous years

The Czech Ministry of Trade and Industry states that the heat period usually starts on September 1st and ends on May 31st of the following year. However, in practice the beginning and end of the service depend on the weather forecast provided by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, and the average temperature. The company resumes heating supply when the average daily temperature drops below 13°C.

“Since the beginning of this week there has been a strong cooling at night, and our effort is, of course, above all to provide our customers with suitable thermal comfort. And even if the amount of sun changes in the coming days […], morning and evening temperatures will probably remain lower,” said Petr Fajmon, CEO of the Brno Heating Company.

Moreover, this year five kilometres of pipes have been installed in the area of ​​Bratislavská and Soudní and in the locations of Rybářská and Křížkovského, with 11 kilometres more planned in the coming years. The renewal of these pipes will benefit the environment, bringing a reduction in emissions equivalent to removing 10,000 cars from the streets of Brno. The renovation will also save families around CZK 1500-2000 per year on their heating bills.

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