“Visual Smog”: Brno Council To Remove Advertising From Municipal Property

Brno City Council has taken action to reduce the amount of “visual smog” in the city, by terminating advertising contracts for bridges and railings belonging to the Department of Transport. The measure will affect almost 100 locations around the city. Photo Credit: JS/BD. 

Brno, Jul 27 (BD) – As a result of a decision this week by Brno city councilors, there will be less so-called “visual smog” in the city. Advertising will disappear from bridges and railings that fall within the competence of the city’s Department of Transport. 

At a meeting on Monday, Brno City Council voted to terminate all lease agreements with advertisers on municipal property. The measure will see advertising banners and posters removed from just under 100 locations around the city.

“We want to reduce visual smog in Brno, so we decided on a drastic solution,” said Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL), First Deputy Mayor of Brno. “Brno currently has 96 active contracts through which city property is leased for advertising purposes. These are often areas around transport infrastructure, such as bridges or railings along the side of roads. We will terminate all such agreements. We no longer want to contribute to visual smog, and we want to create a pleasant environment for the people of Brno, where they don’t have to face aggressive advertisements on every corner.”

The Department of Transport has been instructed to begin terminating the contracts immediately. As soon as the contracts are terminated, individual advertisements can start being removed.

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