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T-Mobile Launches Unlimited Data Package for Its Customers

From June 18th until the end of August, customers of the T-Mobile operator can use an unlimited data package free of charge. The package can be switched on through the T-Mobile application and can be used throughout the European Union. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Czech Rep., June 12 (BD) – On Thursday, the mobile operator T-Mobile announced the launch of the Sports Summer (“Sportovní léto”) unlimited data package for its users. T-Mobile customers can enjoy the free of charge unlimited data package from mid-June until the end of August. The package will be available for all T-Mobile users including resident customers, end-users from corporate customers, and users of prepaid cards with the relevant service settings activated.

According to Michal Podlucký, director of the residential customers division of T-Mobile Czech Republic, after spending more than half a year in the online environment with the intense company of displays and screens, T-Mobile has decided to invite the Czech Republic to get active.

 “With unlimited data from our latest Sports Package, we can all play sports, store or share data about our activities in the summer, and at the same time, we will not miss any of the action in the Tokyo Olympics. With mobile data, everyone will have their own sports app to hand, and I believe that thanks to the Summer Olympics, will we all get back into shape,” said Michal Podlucký, Director of the Residential Customers Segment of T-Mobile Czech Republic.

 The Summer Sports package can be easily activated in the T-Mobile application. Resident customers and small businesses can activate the package with all kinds of tariffs. For end-users from corporate customers, it is only possible to activate the package with active Mobile Internet EXTRA (“Mobilní internet Extra”) or Mobile Internet Extra Permanent (“Mobilní internet EXTRA Nastálo”) data packages with a data limit of 2.5 GB or more. Prepaid card users should have one of the monthly renewed data packages or an annual data package on their Twist card in order to activate the Sports Summer unlimited data package.

If customers who have activated the package decide to travel abroad, they can use the data throughout the European Union. For residential customers and companies, data consumption is limited to 9.5 GB, and for users of prepaid Twist cards the limit is 4.26 GB.

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