Asteroid Installed in the Center Of Brno Resembles Materialized Hologram

A silver statue reminiscent of an asteroid has been installed in the center of Brno. The three-ton installation by Michal Gabriel is attracting the attention of passers-by on Kobližná. Photo Credit: NS / BD.

Brno, May 27 (BD) – An asteroid was installed on Kobližná last Thursday night, May 20th, by the Kávéeska cultural center. The designer of the glittering statue, which will remain in the centre of Brno for at least four months, is the Czech sculptor and artist Michal Gabriel.

“When the creator of the work contacted us with this interesting idea, we knew we wanted to be a part of it. The asteroid has previously been exhibited in Olomouc and Prague,” explained Tomas Pavčík, director of the Kávéeska cultural center.

Thanks to its ability to reflect light, the statue resembles a materialized hologram. In its design, Gabriel was inspired by cosmic bodies that are shaped by mutual collisions. The installation itself was created by digital sculpture tools that work with centimeter layers of thick sheet metal and a laser.

“Thanks to a large number of surfaces, light is reflected differently on the Asteroid, and thus optically changes its structure and shape”, said Kateřina Dobešová, a spokeswoman for the Brno-střed district.

Until last July, Gabriel’s works from the Earth-water-air cycle were exhibited in Šilingrovo namesti: first, a flock of birds symbolizing air, later a pack of big cats representing Earth, and finally sharks, referring to water. Another of Gabriel’s statues is housed in the Šilingrák Gallery, named the Capsule.

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