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Former Military Canteen Under Kraví Hora To Be Replaced With A Park This Summer

The revitalization of the Kadetka brownfield site on Žižkova began on May 10th with the handover of the construction site. The devastated and burnt-out building of the former military canteen, which stands between the Matyáš Lerch Grammar School and the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Brno Technical University, is awaiting demolition and will be replaced by a park this summer. Photo Credit: TMA / BD.

Brno, May 14 (BD) – Kadetka, the former military canteen on Žižkova which was abandoned by the army more than 30 years ago and handed over to the city, will be turned into a park. The work will begin with the removal of overgrown trees and thorough treatment of those that will be preserved. This will be followed by the demolition of the ruined building and the removal of all other waste.

Almost forty new trees will be planted at the site, including maples, cherries, hornbeams, shrubs, new lawns, and more than 300 daffodils, explained Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková (ODS). As well as benches, the park, which will be part of Masarykova čtvrt, will have bicycle stands, outdoor fitness equipment, barbecues, and rubbish bins. 

The entire development of the park, including demolition, fieldwork, provision of furniture and landscaping, including care of wood plants over the next 36 months, will cost approximately CZK 10 million.

“The main impetus for us to start the reconstruction was to obtain a subsidy from the Ministry of Regional Development, which will cover almost half of all costs. The city district will contribute just under CZK 3 million crowns from its budget, as will the City of Brno”, said Vojtěch Mencl (ODS), Mayor of the Brno-center city district.

The Kadetka building is not the only decaying building on Kraví Hora. Below Lerchová is a military complex that has also not been used for 30 years. In 2019, a community center was proposed for the site, but it was not approved by the city assembly.

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