Water Pipeline On Bystrcká Bursts Twice In One Week

Bystrcká, in Brno-Bystrc, has been flooded twice in the last week. The street is closed to car traffic, and trams have been replaced by temporary bus services. Photo Credit: Hzscr.cz.

Brno, Apr 9 (BD) – On Thursday, a water pipeline on Bystrcká burst for the second time in one week. The street has been closed to cars due to the large volume of water, and traffic via Kníničská, the main access route to the populous Bystrc district, is also limited. The incident occurred near the Kamenolom stop, and trams in this section have been replaced by temporary bus services.

The burst pipeline interrupted the water supply and caused a drop in pressure in the lower part of the Bystrc housing estate, but the seriousness of the event is not yet clear. As soon as workers from the water company managed to stop the flood, pumps were used to drain the water and remove mud deposits from the road.

During the last such incident at the same location last Friday, April 2nd, a public bus crashed into a pole, leaving the driver slightly injured. Local volunteer firefighters drained the water and cleaned the mud from Kníničská.

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Photo: Second burst of water pipeline on Bystrcká, April 8. Credit: Hzscr.cz.

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