31st Edition of The International Festival of Theatre Schools Goes Online

The 31st edition of SETKÁNÍ/Encounter, the International Festival of Theatre Schools, will be held online this year, from March 23rd-27th. Title image: Courtesy of SETKÁNÍ/Encounter.

Brno, Mar 15 (Guest) – This year, Brno’s long-running International Festival of Theatre Schools is entering its 31st year. Organized by students from Brno’s Janáček Academy of Performing Arts (JAMU), the festival delivers a varied program full of theatre performances, concerts and lectures every year. In 2021, the current situation does not allow the event to go ahead in theatres, but theatres can still come to our homes, so SETKÁNÍ/Encounter will take place online.

On March 22nd, the day before the festival starts, “ENC: STAGE!” will broadcast live concerts of various bands streamed from two well-known Brno clubs.

The main festival programme consists of performances created by students from 11 European art universities, from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Poland, Italy, Armenia and others. All performances will be accompanied by English subtitles.

Photo credit: Monika Řeháková / SETKÁNÍ/Encounter.

An accompanying programme is also being prepared, including ceremonies, live music sessions, evening DJ streams and expert lectures.

Each year, the festival has a specific theme. The theme of the 31st edition is JUMP! –  the festival has a 30-year tradition and it is now time to jump into something new and unknown. What will the next year bring? What will be the options? And in general, what awaits us? We will never know unless we jump!

All information about the festival and programme can be found on the festival website at www.encounter.cz. You can buy tickets for performances via the GoOut portal. However, everyone can enjoy the accompanying programme for free.

If you want to see behind the scenes of the preparations, you can follow the festival on social media – FB: SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER and IG: @setkani_encounter.

Photo: SETKÁNÍ/Encounter Archive.

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