Revitalisation of Svratka Waterfront To Protect City Centre From Flooding

Flood protection measures are to be built this year on the Svratka waterfront. The new design will improve the ecological condition of the river and develop the surrounding public spaces for residents and visitors to spend their free time. A preliminary estimate of the cost of the project is CZK 1.6 billion. Image Credit: KAM Brno.

Brno, Mar 11 (BD) – The proposed modifications of the Svratka waterfront aim to strengthen the city’s defenses against flooding and develop a leisure space on the riverside. This year, the section of the waterfront from Riviera to the viaduct on Uhelná will be revitalised. A public contract has been announced for the construction of flood protection measures, specifically for Stage VII and VIII of the project. 

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Images: Visualisations of Svrtka river embankment after the reconstruction. Credit: KAM Brno.

Construction work is planned to start at the turn of spring and summer following designs from a team led by Professor Ivan Ruller. Inhabitants of Brno can look forward to the development of the area for walks, sports and relaxation. The space will be quiet, and accessible to wheelchair users, seniors, and mothers with children. To increase the capacity of the riverbed for flood management, the existing high banks will be lowered, some dams will be removed and ridges will be widened. 

Other necessary improvements will take place alongside the flood protection measures, such as the reconstruction of the main water supply system, a 100-year-old sewer line, and several bridges and footbridges. On the existing embankment wall along Poříčí, a new colonnade with stairs will be built, providing access to the river level. It will include a café facing the water, which could play host to small concerts and social events.

The construction cost of the anti-flood measures is estimated at CZK 1.6 billion. In mid-January, the City of Brno applied for a subsidy from the Environment Operational Program. In February, employees of the City of Brno’s Public Greenery company began preparing the area by removing some trees and clearing overgrown areas. To compensate, 1,772 new trees will be planted along the waterfront over the next two years. According to the subsidy title, the construction work will be completed in 2023.

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