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Three Cases of South African Mutation Confirmed in Brno Kindergarten

The first confirmed case of the South African mutation of the coronavirus was announced on Thursday, February 25th. A laboratory in Brno analyzed samples taken from staff and pupils in a local kindergarten, with analysis confirming the mutation in three cases. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Brno, Feb 26 (BD) – Elisabeth Pharmacon laboratory in Brno has detected three cases of the South African mutation of the coronavirus, in samples taken in a local kindergarten. Neuroscientist and molecular biologist Omar Šerý, Director of Elisabeth Pharmacon, confirmed the finding on Twitter.   

“Elisabeth Pharmacon’s laboratories have just confirmed the South African mutation by sequencing in all three of the flagged samples from the Brno nursery. At the same time, it was confirmed that we have a quick way to detect the South African mutation within two hours by multi-point analysis of suspicious samples,” said Šerý. 

Four cases of the South African mutation were suspected in the kindergarten in early February, and the facility was closed. Samples from two teachers and two children were examined by hygienists, and three of those were taken by Elisabeth Pharmacon to perform a detailed genetic analysis to confirm the presence of the mutation. 

According to experts, the South African mutation is far more contagious than the regular coronavirus, and vaccines are significantly less effective against it. There have been several suspected cases of this mutation in the Czech Republic, but the first confirmed case was on Thursday. 

To prevent the spread of more contagious mutations, the Czech government has prohibited unnecessary travel to Brazil and a number of countries in Africa. 

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