Dutch Reality Show Filmed Secretly In Czech Republic Now On Air

This month, Dutch reality show “Wie is de Mol?” broadcast the first few episodes filmed in the Czech Republic last summer, with locations including Jaroslavice, Valtice Castle and Velka America Quarry, as well as Brno. No doubt due to the added Czech glamour, the series has gained more viewers this season than ever before. Photo credit: KC / BD.  

Brno, Jan 28 (BD) –  Last summer, the Dutch reality game show “Wie is de Mol?” (‘Who is the Traitor?’) was filmed in secret in the Czech Republic, including in Brno. The show aired in January and received an unprecedented response from the audience, topping three million viewers for the first time in the history of the show. 

The show, which first aired in 1999, follows ten contestants as they complete activities to earn money. However, one player acts secretly as the ‘mole’ and tries to make the group’s attempts fail; contestants must unmask this player. The show recently became even more popular with audiences after the release of episodes filmed in the Czech Republic. 

The most suitable filming locations for the Czech episodes were selected to appear in the series by the Brno Film Office and Fixer Service Prague, including Jaroslavice, Valtice Castle and Velka America Quarry. One location, the Anybody Hotel in Brno, caught the attention of show producer Momo Zarroue and was pre-selected for filming.     

The Anybody Hotel is a boutique theme hotel where guests can become “anybody” for the night by choosing between rooms with ‘games’ inspired by famous films. Photo credit: NS / BD.

In the third episode, four rooms were chosen for the contestants to complete tasks related to the theme of the room. According to Adam Vodička, co-owner of the Anybody Hotel, ‘‘The competition itself was captivating and took place in complete silence, so we behind the scenes were just as tense as the audience. In addition, we had to keep everything around the competition a secret.’’

The popularity of the show may have a positive impact on the number of Dutch visitors to the Czech Republic in the future. “Personally, I am very close to the Netherlands and I also know this show and the interest it arouses. This success thus proves the huge marketing potential of Brno’s creative industries. These fields deserve further long-term support and care,” said Marek Fišer, Brno City Council Member for Culture.

In the past, the show has significantly influenced the holiday destination choices of Dutch tourists. A 2018 series filmed in Georgia led to a 56% year-on-year increase in tourism. Jana Janulíková, Director of TIC BRNO, who is also behind the Brno Film Office, explained: ‘‘We are now preparing a specific strategy on how to turn the enormous audience interest into real visits to Brno by Dutch tourists, as soon as the epidemiological situation allows.’’

Full episodes of “Wie is de Mol?” (‘Who is the Traitor?’) can be viewed on YouTube with English subtitles.

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