Long-Term Changes To Tram Routes Via Lesnická and Pisárky Due To Major Construction Work

Tram lines 1, 9, 10 and 11 will see changes to routes for several months from Saturday due to major construction work taking place on Lesnická and the outer city ring road (VMO). Line 3 will run more frequently, and several bus services will also be adjusted to replace suspended connections. Photo credit: Z. Kolařík, MMB.

Brno, Jan 5 (BD) – Residents in Lesná and Bystrc will be taking alternative public transport routes in the coming months as some lines will be part-suspended in connection with ongoing major construction work. Here is a summary of the changes.


Due to the reconstruction of utilities, roads, tram lines and sidewalks on Lesnická, trams serving Lesná will be suspended for approximately nine months from Saturday, January 9th, 2021.

Line 9 will be diverted from Jugoslávská to the Štefánikova čtvrť loop. The operation of line 11 will be substantially altered in connection with the Žabovřeská closure and will not serve ​​Černá Pole and Lesná during this period.

Alternative transport from the eastern part of the Lesná housing estate via Černá Pole will be provided by bus line 46, which will be diverted from Provazníkova along via Pošta Černá Pole (a new stop at the intersection of Jugoslávská and Zemědělská) – Zemědělská – Erbenova – Schodová – Náměstí 28. října – Dětská nemocnice.

Alternative transport from the western part of the Lesná housing estate via Černá Pole will be provided by bus line x9, along the route Haškova – Loosova – Fillova – Slavíčkova – Halasovo náměstí – Fügnerova – Bieblova – Lesnická – Pošta Černá Pole – Tomanova (on Jugoslávská) – Jugoslávská – Dětská nemocnice.

At Dětská nemocnice, buses on line 46 from náměstí 28. října will continue as line x9 back to Lesná, and buses on line x9 from Jugoslávská will continue as line 46 to Lesná. The night bus line N93 will be diverted in the Bieblova – Jugoslávská section along the same route as the x9.

Passengers can transfer from the replacement buses onto tram lines at Dětská nemocnice or Štefánikova čtvrť.

The altered routes are scheduled to be in place until September 19th, 2021.

Changes to stops

  • Jugoslávská – The tram stop will be moved onto Merhautova; bus line x9 will serve the original tram stop on Jugoslávská
  • Tomanova – Moves onto Jugoslávská, served by lines x9 and N93
  • Zemědělská – Moves onto Zemědělská, served only by line 46
  • Pošta Černá Pole – A new stop at the intersection of Jugoslávská and Zemědělská, served by lines x9, 46 and N93
  • Lesnická – Not served by line 46. Lines x9 and N93 will serve the stops used by lines 25 and 26
  • Bieblova, Fügnerova, and Halasovo náměstí – Will be served by line x9 and N93 on adjacent roads
  • Čertova rokle – Will not be served during this period

VMO Žabovřeská

Ongoing construction of outer city ring road. Photo credit: Courtesy of MMB.

Due to the construction of the next phase of the outer city ring road, trams will be part-suspended from Pisárky-Bráfova for approximately two years from Saturday, January 9th, 2021.

Line 1 will be in operation only from Řečkovice-Pisárky. The Pisárky stop will be moved to the tram loop at the entrance to the depot. Some connections in the direction of the center will start from Lipová. As a replacement service for passengers in this section, line 3 will run more frequently, and will operate on the entire route from Stará osada-Rakovecká throughout the day.

Line 10 will run on the route: Stránská skála – Geislerova – Hlavní nádraží – Malinovského náměstí – Česká – Konečného náměstí – Vozovna Komín – Ečerova, to provide alternative transport from the city center to Bystrce. Some connections will not run on the section Geislerova-Stránská skála. During peak times on weekdays, line 8 will be run more frequently to replace line 10, which will no longer run on the Hlavní nádraží-Švermova section.

Line 11 will be in operation every day, on the route: Bráfova – Vozovna Komín – Komín, smyčka.

This will ensure the connection of Bráfova and Stránského with Vozovna Komín. Bráfova and Stránského stops will be served in both directions on the platforms in the direction to Bystrce.

Komín, smyčka will be in service for boarding only.

Regular bus lines 44 and 84 will provide alternative transport in the section Mendlovo náměstí – Pisárky – Vozovna Komín. Both lines will be run more frequently in this section.

Changes to stops

  • Pisárky – the tram stop under the bridge will be out of service. Line 1 will stop on the loop for entry and exit before entering the depot

Bráfova and Stránského – Served only by line 11, which will stop at the platform towards Bystrc for services in both directions

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