Weather Report: Falling Temperatures and Snow For First Week of 2021

Snowfall and cloudy skies welcome the first week of the new year. Temperatures will be above zero for the first half of the week and then gradually decline. Snowfall is expected, especially with cold temperatures at the weekend. The Krkonoše Mountain Service has issued warnings of ice formation and low-level risk of avalanches. Photo credit: KB / BD. 

Czech Rep., Dec 4 (BD) – The first week of January may well see snow in the lowland areas of the Czech Republic, as well as the mountains. According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, the weather forecast for the first half of the week features occasional showers with daily temperatures above zero. Temperatures may cool slightly later in the week.

Meteorologist Martin Tomáš stated that “At the end of the working week, the clouds may break, and then night temperatures could in exceptional cases reach -10 degrees.” This week, the warmest daily temperatures of up to 7°C will be felt in the east, and daily temperatures will drop below zero from Thursday. 

On Monday, it will be mostly cloudy with drizzle of light rain in some areas, mainly in areas above 500m. Mixed rain and snow or snowfall is forecast in areas above 800m in the east. The warmest temperatures will range between 0 and 5°C and up to 7°C in the east, while in mountains above 1000m it will be -1°C.

Tuesday will be mostly cloudy with occasional fog and freezing conditions in the morning. In the afternoon, light rain or rain with snow will fall occasionally, and snow may fall in areas above 500m. The lowest temperatures will fall between +3 to -1°C and the highest temperatures will be between 0 to +5°C.

The forecast on Wednesday expects mostly cloudy skies with gradual snowfall through most of the day. Rain with snow will fall in areas below 400m. Low night temperatures range from +1 to -3°C and the warmest daily temperatures will be -1 to +3°C. 

Thursday’s forecast expects overcast and cloudy skies with snow in some places. Temperatures will drop below zero, with the lowest temperatures reaching 0 to -4°C at night. The warmest daily temperatures are from -1 to +3°C.

The weather on Friday will be noticeably colder with cloudy skies, occasional light snow or snow showers, which may occur more frequently in the mountains. Temperatures will decline further, dropping to between -2 and -6°C during the night. The warmest temperatures during the day will range between -2 to +2°C.

Temperatures will continue to decline over the weekend. The weather will be overcast to cloudy with occasional light snowfall or snow showers. 

On Saturday, the lowest temperatures at night will range between -2 and -6°C and drop occasionally to -8°C with snow cover. The warmest temperatures will be from -3 to +1°C during the day. 

On Sunday, the lowest temperatures will drop from -3 to -7°C and occasionally as low as -10°C with reduced clouds and snow cover. The warmest temperatures are expected to be from -3 to +2°C. 


Increased caution is advised on slopes above 40º. Photo credit: KB / BD.

The Krkonoše Mountain Service issued two warnings recently, one of ice formation in the Pec pod Sněžkou area and another warning of avalanche risk in Krkonoše. In particular, the hiking trails on Kavinova cesta through Obří dol to Slezská bouda (blue trail) and the path from the center of Pec pod Sněžkou to Růžohorky (green trail) will be icy. Tourists visiting the Krkonoše Mountains are advised to be cautious due to the recent snowfall, leading to the current low-level avalanche risk alert.

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