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In Brief: Thief Steals Groom’s Money As Newlyweds Pose For Photos

A newly-wed couple left their bag unattended while posing for wedding photos. An opportunistic thief passing by quickly snatched the bag and ran away, making off with two mobile phones, documents, and almost CZK 60,000 intended to pay for the couple’s wedding reception. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Dec 17 (BD) – In December, a day of celebration was struck by unfortunate circumstances for two newly-weds. The couple were posing for the traditional photographs on the steps of Brno’s New Town Hall when a passer-by took advantage of the moment that everyone else was distracted. 

The groom had left a bag containing personal documents, two mobile phones and cash on top of the photographer’s backpack. The thief was walking through the passage and took the opportunity to relieve the happy couple of their belongings, escaping with almost sixty thousand crowns. The stolen money was intended to cover the costs of the wedding reception. 

The photographer, who had expensive equipment in his backpack, was fortunately unaffected.

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