Bethlehem Light To Travel around the Czech Republic As a Symbol of Peace

Next Sunday, Czech Boy and Girl Scouts will collect the Bethlehem Light on the Austrian border and bring it to Brno. The following Saturday, scout couriers will travel by train to deliver the flame. The motto of this year’s event is “Peace transcends borders”. Photo credit: Foto Havlín, Junák – Czech scout via Flickr.

Brno, Dec 5 (BD) – The current epidemiological situation will not stop the Bethlehem Light, a Scouting tradition dating back over 30 years. As a symbol of peace and friendship, a flame from Bethlehem will be carried around the Czech Republic by boy and girl scouts. 

The light of Bethlehem is considered a modern symbol of Christmas time. Scouts in the Czech Republic will take responsibility for spreading the light this year for the 32nd time. Hundreds of volunteers are required to support the event, and so the flame also becomes a symbol of selflessness and reciprocity.  

“The message of hope that the flame brings, the light that transcends the darkness, is even more relevant this year than ever before,” said Zuzana Hrbková, a spokeswoman for the Bethlehem Light project.

The motto this year is  “Peace transcends borders,” as seen by the light’s journey from Bethlehem to Austria, where it is being spread by the local scouts. Next Saturday, a traditional ecumenical service will be broadcast online from Salzburg.  

Photo credit: Člověk a víra, Junák – Czech Scout via Flickr.

On Sunday December 13th, Brno Scouts will collect the flame at the Drasenhofen – Mikulov border crossing and bring it to Brno by train. The Bethlehem light is scheduled to arrive in Brno at 10:37am. 

Scout couriers will travel with the flame around the Czech Republic by train on Saturday December 19th. The organizers believe the delivery is possible, as the size of the courier groups will be reduced to a minimum and all volunteers will use protective equipment.  

“We appeal to the organizers of local events to pass on the light only in the open air and to take care to maintain distance, both in queues and between volunteers,” said Jiří Dorazil, the leader of the event.

The flame is traditionally taken to homes and retirement homes, but these deliveries will be limited this year and all deliveries will be made without contact. More information about the flame, including a list of locations it will visit, is available on the Bethlehem Light website.

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