Public Transport in Brno Returns to Regular Timetables

As of December 2nd, trams and buses in Brno will follow the usual timetables. Public transport has been operating on the summer schedule until now. This change is due to the gradual return of schoolchildren to active classes.

Brno, Dec 2 (BD) – From today onwards, trams and buses in Brno will operate according to the usual timetables. Brno public transport has been functioning on the summer timetable until now. However, Brno Transport Company (DPMB) has announced the schedule change in connection with the gradual return of schoolchildren.

As a result of the current epidemiological situation, public transport has been reduced since mid-October. Lines have been operating on the summer schedule, and school connections were cancelled.

“From Wednesday, December 2nd, all tram and trolleybus lines in Brno will return to normal operation,” said Hana Tomaštíková, a spokeswoman for DPMB.

School lines W85 to W88 and school connections on lines 52, 65 and 70 have been back in operation since Monday, November 30th. Additionally, bus line 78 will stop at Modřice near Decathlon and XXXLutz. School lines have resumed throughout the South Moravian region.

Night buses travelling from Brno to the surrounding villages have not yet resumed. “There are still no connections at 0:30, 1:30, or 4:30 before non-working days, and instead of two morning departures at 5:20 and 5:40 there is one at 5:30,” said Tomaštíková. These lines will be reintroduced gradually with the easing of government measures.

However, the new change in operating schedules will apply for only two weeks, as timetables are traditionally changed in mid-December throughout the Czech Republic.

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