State Of Emergency Extended to December 12th

The government’s request was for another 30-day extension to last until December 20th. The Chamber of Deputies approved an extension until December 12th, and requested revisions to the PES anti-epidemic PES system. Photo: Prime Minister Andrej Babiš at a press conference on November 2nd. Credit: Vlada Archive.  

Czech Rep., Nov 20 (BD) – On Thursday, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš requested a 30-day extension of the state of emergency in the Chamber of Deputies, to December 20th. The Chamber of Deputies finally approved a shorter extension until December 12th. 

Speaking in the Chamber of Deputies, Babiš said ‘‘Over time, we can say that we have been moving in the right direction, and we now have the first results. In cooperation with the citizens, we have managed to overcome the greatest onslaught of the virus and stop its growth. We may have won this first battle, but it is still a long way from the final victory over the virus.’’

The Prime Minister called on the citizens of the Czech Republic to respect the measures, especially nearing the festive season: ‘‘I therefore call for civic responsibility, for consideration and for solidarity. Please, let us start cooperating more, because without the cooperation of all citizens, none of what we propose and what we all need will work effectively. Our personal responsibility for our fellow citizens is enormous,’’ added Babiš.  

During the same session, the Chamber of Deputies called on the government to ensure that discrimination between Czech businesses and large multinational companies would end, and allow retail stores to resume operations in compliance with the same hygiene standards. The aim would be to decrease the concentration of people in some stores and during the Christmas shopping period.  

The government was also asked to revise the PES anti-epidemic system so that the first level would not require a state of emergency, and to define a level zero at which PES would not be required at all. The Chamber of Deputies passed a motion of thanks to all health professionals, social workers, soldiers, firefighters, hygienists and other professions who are caring for patients with coronavirus.

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