Is Albert Open Tomorrow? Opening Times in Large Stores on National Holidays

Although shops are closed on certain holidays, and there is a temporary ban on retail sales on Sundays, this will not apply on November 17th. The only restriction that will apply is the limit on opening after 8pm. Photo credit:

Czech Rep., Nov 16 (BD) – Tuesday, November 17th is Freedom and Democracy Day, International Student Day and a national holiday. Stores that are exempt from government measures against the spread of coronavirus will be open on November 17th, including shops selling food, flowers or drugstore goods.

Food stores are publishing information about their opening hours on social media and flyers.

Tesco will be open (including smaller Tesco Express stores), as will Globus, Makro, Lidl, Penny Market, Billa, and Albert.

The ban on Sunday trading has been in force since October 28th. Shops also cannot open between 8pm and 5am. This does not apply to pharmacies, petrol stations, or shops at railway stations or airports.

Shops with a shop floor area over 200 m² must be closed on the following holidays:

  • January 1 – Day of the Restoration of the Independent Czech State and New Year
  • Easter Monday
  • May 8 – Victory Day
  • September 28 – Czech Statehood Day
  • October 28 – The day of the establishment of an independent Czechoslovak state
  • December 24 – Christmas Day, open only until 12 noon
  • December 25 – Christmas Day
  • December 26 – St. Stephen’s Day/Boxing Day
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